For the execution of the reliefs morphologic the seabed, the Geonautics Srl makes use of the most modern Side Scan Sonar (side scan sonar). The SSS in fact, allows recognizing the different lithology’s and biotic communities that form and that are present on the same backdrop. In addition, the SSS is widely used both in archaeological research (wrecks, artifacts anthropogenic), engineering (localization of pipelines, monitoring marine construction such as embankments, fills, etc…) and in search and rescue.

To perform a  relief morphology, the Geonautics Srl  uses  Side Scan Sonar (i.e.Edgetech 4125 at 400-900 kHz) , suitable for  analysis in shallow waters and with   high resolution (4125 l’Edgetech similar to  the Klein 3900 considered as  the standards by the Superintendent of the Sea Region of Sicily). The system is composed of a portable PU, from a tow fish and a towing cable / power / transmission. This system can be equipped with a beacon in order to have the its exact positioning underwater, or  while capturing data , it can perform a  correction of the layback associated with the length of the  tow cable in water.