Geonautics s.r.l.

Geonautics Srl is born from the passion for the sea and from the desire to make available to this precious environment the best of knowledge and technology, years of experience and expertise gained in offshore environments and processing in prestigious university institutions.

The comparison and the continuous exchange, open collaboration with research centers allow us to offer the most advanced and innovative services in the sectors in which we operate.

Founded in 2008, within a few years we managed to gain the trust of customers who have chosen us thanks to our attention in every detail even in on small projects.

The Geonautics Srl performs the following activities

  • Marine reliefs using geophysical methods such sparker, sub-bottom profiler, Side Scan Sonar, Multi Beam Echo sounder, Single Beam Echo Sounder, Magnetometer
  • Positioning DGPS and /or RTK for Barge, Barges, Supply Vessel, Laying Cables, Analysis Vessel, Rig, Jacket
  • Positioning underwater ROV, Diver, artifacts (Spool, Pipeline, etc. …)
  • Rental of vessels equipped to analysis and oceanographic analysis
  • Topographical Analysis and LaserScan
  • Rental of technical equipment and specialized
  • Supply of qualified personnel
  • Training for operators and GIS Analysts
  • Processing and post – processing of data
  • Creation of digital mapping and thematic
  • Development of geographic information systems

Neptune 1


Neptune 1 is a boat ARVOR 215 boat equipped with a 100hp engine. The modularity of the boat allows for the conducting of geophysical studies, geotechnical, magnetometric, bathymetric, morphological, and environmental monitoring in coastal and interior waters with high levels of flexibility, and efficiency whilst containing at managed costs. The Neptune1 represents an operational platform ideal for the various types of studies and activity.


Alfonso Analfino


Born in Agrigento in 1976, he graduated as a land surveyor in 1996 followed by a graduate in Geology at the University of Studies of Palermo. During his university studies he approached studied the disciplines and geophysical methodologies applied in the marine environment, developing a Thesis entitled “Acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic profiles in the Gulf of Patti”. In 1999 he took part to in the seismic multichannel cruise SISTER 99 (F. Pepe, Analfino A., G. Bertotti, Marsella E; Recent episodes of deformation of the North Sicily continental margin: seismic data, European Geophysical Society, 26th General Assembly, Nice, 2001). In the same year he began a constant long standing involvement in numerous oceanographic cruises organized by the group of Palermo- -Geologia Marina. (MOSE Project in Venice) taking care of data acquisition Side Scan Sonar in addition to playing the role of Party Chief in many yards .

In 2001 he started collaboration with the company GeoLab Srl, with whom he worked until 2008. During these seven years he has gained extensive professional experience, dealing with data acquisition and processing, as well as performing the role of Party Chief in yards with customers such as Saipem, Chevron, BP, Prysmian and Nexans. He was part of around 40 off-shore constructions in various parts of the world (Canada, Australia, Namibia, Congo, Croatia, Spain, Egypt, Libya, Italy and Philippines).

Since 2008 he is founder and Technical Director of Geonautics Srl, a dedicated high technology company that operates at a national and international level in the field of marine geophysics, environmental and archaeological reliefs. Since 2011 he holds the position of CEO.

Giuseppe Catalano


Born in Erice in 1979, he obtained a baccalaureate in technical sales in 1997; in 2005 obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology at the University of Palermo with a thesis entitled “Toxicity tests and biochemical markers in marine organisms.” In 2009 obtained a degree in Marine Biological Resources at the University of Palermo with a thesis entitled “Identification, extraction and characterization of bioactive compounds from marine organisms.”

Since 2002 he has worked inside the Institute of Marine Biology of the University Consortium of the Province of Trapani, the structure of which owes much of his professional training and with which he has worked as both a contractor to project that and as a fellow in several research programs. Between 2009 and 2012 he has implemented the industry’s research and development of a leading company in Sicily in the field of renewables pursuing two projects on the production of biomass biofuel: a project for the development of methodologies cultivation and extraction of oil from microalgae and a project for the production of bioethanol from dedicated crops and agro-industrial waste.

Since 2005 he was a founding member of the cooperative societies Aegusa, company support to scientific research in the environmental field. With other members of the same organization has directed and completed several successful assignments in the field of aquaculture, the quality of fish products, the environmental impact of human activities on the various sectors of the marine environment: the water column, on wild fish populations, marine sediments and the benthic populations with particular reference to the macrozoobenthos and marine phanerogam (Posidonia oceanica and C. nodosa).

By Throughout the different work experiences made, both at research institutions in private companies, he has always tried as  main objective to develop  practical application, i.e. a footprint but with a strictly scientific approach aimed at research and then apply to the delivery of a product make available to businesses and the community.

The various activities undertaken to date have enabled him to obtain a vocational training that revolves almost 360 degrees in various fields of biology, from the biochemical effects of stress induced by various sources of impact on marine organisms, to sampling and visual census for the collection of biological data, methodologies for the assessment of environmental impact.

In 2012 knows Alfonso R. Analfino with which immediately sets in an employment agreement that began with the first reports of external collaboration, has landed today at the entrance in Geonautics  Srl as a partner.

Main skills:

  • Preparative techniques, extractive and analytical high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography with flame ionization detector (GC-FID) and a quadrupole mass (GC-MS);
  • Techniques spectrophotometric (UV-VIS) for the determination of bioactive compounds and for the analysis of the waters;
  • Water management and sediment sampling methodologies;
  • Methods of sampling, sorting and taxonomic classification of marine organisms;
  • Methods for collecting data in immersion: visual census techniques, collection of biological samples, scratching and sampling on hard substrates, sampling beams and foliar density estimation of aquatic phanerogam etc…;
  • Evaluation of the health status of aquatic phanerogam by phenological and lepidochronological analysis ;
  • Studies of pre-environmental feasibility (Desktop study); Evaluations of incidence; Environmental impact assessments, with particular reference to the programs and works in the marine environment;
  • Consulting in aquaculture;
  • Consulting in R & D of biomass for energy purposes;
  • Consultancy in the field of purification techniques and environmental mitigation;
  • Methods and techniques for geophysical analysis: instrumental data acquisition and data-processing;




Geomarine Survey Systems